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Our Outage procedure

Our network is closely monitored day and night by our Network Operations Centre, seven days a week. In the event of an outage to a section of the network, we are able to quickly respond in order to have the connection restored as quickly as possible.
Our procedure for resolving an outage involves liasing with both your accommodation and our line carrier in order to ascertain the scale and nature of the fault, and then be able to estimate a time when the service will be restored.

The best way to keep up to date on large-scale outages is via the Service Status tool on your account. Here you'll find details of the nature of the outage, and an estimated time until resolution.

You are of course welcome to contact us for information but please bear in mind that in periods of high demand there may be an increased wait time, and our agents may be slower than normal to respond to contact via email and our Live Chat service.

What can cause an outage?

Loss of power

One of the most common reasons for outages is a loss of power to all or part of your accommodation. In some cases the lights and electricty may be on in your room and flat, but the power might be down to the part of the building our equipment is located in. Our first step in this situation will be speaking with your accomodation staff to find out about any ongoing maintenance, and have them visually check our equipment.

If the cause is indeed determined to be power-related, this will be the responsibility of your accommodation to resolve.

Equipment failure

Similarly, networking hardware can occasionally fail, with the effects to the service depending of the type of the unit that's failed. In this eventuality we would determine whether it's a fault we can fix remotely, and if not we'd work towards despatching an engineer, if it's our equipment at fault.

Fibre break

This is as serious as it sounds - the fibre-optic cable that carries data to-and-from your acommodation has been severed. This generally requires a specialist Fibre Engineer to fix, and is generally treated with the highest priority by the carrier.


The size of the affected area will depend on where the above issues occur geographically, or how far "up the chain" the problem goes. For example, roadworks on the road outside your accommodation might accidentally cut through the fibre, meaning your building is without access to the internet. In a worse scenario, a fibre break or power cut to the nearest data centre could leave multiple cities without an internet connection!

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