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Freewire help - Handset

One of the benefits afforded to you by your Glide account is access to the Freewire phone service, our global telephony platform.

Depending on your location, you will be able to use the service via the Freewire desktop application, a physical handset, or both.

What is the Freewire Phone service?

Put simply, Freewire Telephone is what's known as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Instead of going down a normal phone line, your calls go through your broadband connection. You get a clearer, crisper sound quality, and more importantly you can talk for a lot less - and even for nothing - to anyone anywhere across the globe.

As well as free calls to to other Freewire users, the service also offers competitive rates for calls to UK and International landlines and mobiles.

How to use the Freewire Phone service

Associate the handset to your account

To associate the handset to your Glide account, dial 170 from the handset itself.

Follow the voice prompts, and when directed enter your Freewire ID (Account ID) and Telephony PIN, which are displayed within your account.

Once you have done this:

  • You won’t need to enter your Freewire ID every time you make a call.
  • Your friends can call either your Freewire ID or your direct telephone number (see below).

Making a call

To make a call, simply dial the number using the keypad. Remember to include the relevant area or country code in the number.


Finding out your number

Depending on the type of phone you have it will either be displayed on the LCD screen, or if your handset doesn't have a screen, you can find out your phone number by dialling 121

Top up your account

To speak to people aren't using Freewire, you'll need to have some credit on your account:

Go to My Account, select Phone, then choose one of the phone credit options.

Freewire call rates

See here for the rates applied to calls made with the Freewire phone service. All calls between Freewire phones are completely free.

Troubleshooting steps

Poor call quality, no dial tone, or line cutting out, or completely unable to make or receive calls.

If you're having audio issues you should double-check the cabling between your router and the handset, inlcuding any in-wall routing where possible. Try and identify any frays or crimps, and make sure the lines are patched correctly. If you need further assistance with this, you can contact the ServiceDesk.

Ensure that there is Freewire credit on your account, and try reassociating the handset to you account as detailed above.

You can also try rebooting and factory resetting the handset.

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